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Siberian Fir 8 oz Boxed Reed Diffuser

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Our Siberian Fir room diffuser will fill your home with the fresh fragrance pine and a touch of sweet nectar. Sleek, black reeds absorb the fragrance, then gently diffuse scent throughout the entire room. Great for those places you cannot use a candle but still want to enjoy your favorite fragrance. Comes with eight 6-inch reeds.


• Essential oil based fragrance

• Hand poured into a glass container

• Fragrance diffuses through natural reeds


• 8 ounce fill

• Diffuser (including reeds): 6" high with a 3.25" diameter

• Box: 3.375" x 3.375" x 6"

Care Instructions

• When first using the diffuser dip one end of the reeds into the diffuser liquid and then flip the reeds before placing them back in the diffuser.

• Periodically flip the reeds to refresh your diffuser.

• To prolong the life of your diffuser place away from direct sunlight.