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Petite Diffuser - Single

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Small but mighty, this petite diffuser packs a punch. Perfect for small spaces, like your car, a linen closet, a bathroom, or a laundry room. This diffuser uses the naturally porous features of wood to absorb and disperse fragrance.


• Essential oil based fragrance

• Hand poured into a glass container

• Fragrance diffuses through wood block


• .27 ounce fill

• Diffuser: 1" x 1" x 1.75" with a 7" hang-string

Care and Use Instructions

To Use:

1. Carefully unscrew black top.

2. Remove plastic stopper and replace black top, making sure it is closed securely.

3. Turn petite diffuser upside down for 10-15 seconds to saturate the wood. If left for longer contents may leak out.

4. Turn petite diffuser back over, unscrew black top, replace plastic stopper making sure it is secure, and screw black top back on. Contents may stain if spilled.

5. Hang diffuser where desired. Make sure the petite diffuser is secure, as the glass may break if it falls.

Caution: Keep away from high heat and open flames. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children. Contents may stain or remove finish if spilled.